Teaching Philosophy Statement

So, I’ve been working on this statement for my class for like. . . uh. . . 14 + hours.

I’ve literally gotten NOWHERE. 4 sentences? Possibly. . . . Ugh. My brain is about to explode, BUT I thought you might enjoy to read what I have written. Looking into my mind, sometimes, I actually say GOOD THINGS. (weird, right?) 


Teaching Philosophy

“Impartiality is a fallacy, education is imposition.” – George S. Counts

         Although some people might argue that education is about the simple transmission of information, a closer examination will show that education, large part, is about the formation of Character.  Being a teacher, we are guided by all sorts of unstated and sometimes even unknown assumptions. Some of these come from our own background, some come from the board of education, some come from the other teachers, and some come from the larger culture and the business community and so on. Imposition can be done in a conscious fashion with the end goal toward improving the existing society. Paraphrasing John Dewey, teachers should recognize the moral nature of the enterprise and use their skills to create a more just society. 


Educational Philosophy.

Say. What?!

Yeah. I’m about as stumped as you are right now. . . super freaking confused. How in the world do I describe what I believe to be right in teaching…. when I have never taught?! So, right now, I’m trying to simply gather all of the information I can, and simply make sense of it all in my brain, so I might be able to coherently put it on a piece of paper! Wish me luck, my dear friends. Now excuse me, as I go crawl in a hole. 


Cool Story, Bro.

Now, make me a sammich!

You might be curious as to where that came from – right? Well. BIG NEWS, blogger friends! I have a boyfriend. Not just ANY boyfriend, my first boyfriend. His name is Devin. And he’s 6’4″ (yes, i look like a midget next to him.). He loves Jesus. He’s just fantastic! ❤

And the “Cool story, bro. Now make me a sammich!” phrase, is sort of ‘our thing’. It’s goofy. And we’re goofy. So, it fits.

Image and this basically describes our relationship. 🙂

Image oh look! we’re kind of cute!

so..  yeah. BIG FREAKING NEWS.

and I’m still slightly freaking out. It’s CRAZY. I never ever ever would have thought I’d have a boyfriend right now.

but, you know.

It’s cool, bro.


Opportunities come and go. They can come and go within seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and sometimes if we’re really lucky they stay around for years. But usually, when we are handed an opportunity, we have to decide in the moment if we want it. . . Otherwise, we might have to say goodbye forever. 

I find opportunities to be a form of adventure. It might not work out, but it IS worth it! 

One thing I must remember is that the opportunity of going to college, and receiving a higher education is something that not everyone can have. But it IS something worthwhile. It might be difficult, treacherous and kind of monotonous as times, but it IS worthwhile, because you’re learning something that will in the end help someone else.  






This picture and verse made me think.

Who do I look to for approval in my life? I would like to immediately say ‘Jesus!’

But. . . I don’t really think I can say that. And that saddens me, and gives me a new perspective. I want to be a servant of Christ, and a woman after God’s heart. So, if I’m seeking approval from anyone BUT God, I am not really a servant of Christ. I’m a servant of the world.

As I think on this, my heart breaks. I must stop seeking approval of those who don’t necessarily need to approve of me. I need to seek approval from Jesus, my heavenly Father, who I truly deserve approval from.




I Wish it Rained Glitter. . . .

Because then I would have a perfectly good reason to dance!

These past 6 days or so, have not been the best days in my life, actually they’ve been the exact polar opposite. But, you know what? “When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reasons to SMILE!” That’s my motto, anyways.

As for the glitter thing. . . I just think that’d be wicked cool. If rain were just pieces of glitter, so then everything would sparkle! I mean, probably not great for those of us (ME) who are totally sidetracked by sparkly things. I would drive by something and be all “ooohhhh so prettyyyyyy“. . . Can you see the problem in this? But maybe, we just need to see rain in a different way. Rain is kind of like glitter. It doesn’t sparkle, but it does glisten. It glistens in the light, and in the dark you can see the reflections of other things in it. We’re JUST like rain. We glisten in the light, when we’re in the light of Jesus. He makes us glisten with His love, and His passion! But when we’re in the dark, and not walking fully in His light, those around us can see the other things in our lives. The imperfections we have, things we do, things we say, how we act. We must remember that we are pool of rain, at all times. But just because we’re sitting in a dark spot on the road, doesn’t mean we have to reflect bad. We can reflect good! Reflect love, and peace, and patience. Reflect the fruit of the spirit! Most importantly, reflect Jesus – Then one day we will become like Glitter. We’ll sparkle in the light, and those around us will be sidetracked by us, because they’ll see the sparkle, and they want to know what is going on.

Don’t give up, my dear friends. Glisten like raindrops, Reflect Jesus’ love and Sparkle like glitter.




Well, I’m officially just. . . drained. Completely. Physically, but mostly mentally. My brain SERIOUSLY hurts. It’s awful.

But, then again. I love to learn! It’s just so difficult to get EVERYTHING accomplished. AGH. 


Right now, I’m studying (well, supposedly. . . look! It’s Sparkly!) for a math test and a Child Development test. Yuuuucckkkkk. I’ve made several good friends already. I love it, and I’m so excited for what lays in the days ahead of me! I looked into teaching overseas, and I need a TESL or TEFL minor. . . so I’m debating on whether I should minor in TEFL or Double Minor in music and TESL. Not quite sure yet, it’s a tough decision. AH! I’m soooooo excited though! 

Our fall choir concert is coming up soon, though! I’m sooooo pumped! 😀 

Well, back to studying. 



Are YOU Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Basically, this is how I feel 98% of the time. Seriously. If only I were as smart now as I was in 5th grade. It’s absolutely ridiculous!
But, I love working at CLS and being in these kids lives. It’s such a life changing experience, and shows me how much I LOVE teaching. It’s an adventure every day, and I just wish I had my license … Like yesterday! I just can’t wait!

Being a Help

Well friends, 

It’s been a week of me living in the life of a part time teacher. It has its challenges, the students can be challenging, and not only can you be frustrated, but they can be frustrated as well! So far though, I’ve loved EVERY minute of interning at CLS, in the fifth grade. All of the students are so much fun to talk to, and they love having me help them. Even on my first day none of them wanted me to leave, and when I left early one day because of studying for a test, one student said “but, I thought you could stay until 11, don’t leave yet! I want you to stay longer!” 

The little girls all want to be just like me – which by the way is a big task to carry on your shoulders. Being a woman whom little girls look up to as someone they aspire to be. Quite a few of the little boys are in love with me, two even said “When I grow up, I want to marry you!” The teachers love having me around to help with everything, and I thoroughly enjoy helping them. It’s that little happy feeling you get inside of you when a student says he doesn’t understand long division, and you help him, and he walks away feeling like he owns the world. Or the little girl who doesn’t understand the number places – billions, millions, thousands, and so forth – and you explain it and they look at you like you just explained the single most important thing in the world and they FINALLY understand it! 

It sounds funny, but I love every aspect of learning how to be a teacher, it’s rewarding and challenging at the same time, you’re building relationships & young minds. It’s a spectacular job to go into, and these next three years are going to be some of the best three years of my life. 


much love,



Finding yourself?

Everyone says this: “college is a time to find yourself. Have fun. Do stupid things. It will all make you a better person.” Okay, I’m sorry. . but am I the ONLY one who sees the stupidity in this statement? Does drinking and doing drugs and failing classes make you a better person? Up until I was told this, I thought stupid things ultimately made you MORE stupid. Well, now that my whole life has been a lie, I’m going to go be stupid. I’m going to educate myself. I’m going to go to college and receive that education I’m paying for, and work HARD. Because, obviously, that’s a stupid thing to do according to most people. I have goals in life, and those goals do not include getting drunk, strip dancing, or doing drugs. Excuse me for having morals. Have fun spending thousands of dollars on literally NOTHING.

Done with the ranting, sorry friends! Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve done my share of stupid things, and college did help me find who I am. I learned quite a few things about myself:

I’m an introvert – but an outgoing one.

People stress me out.